Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. What are Emergency Needs?

    These are time bound needs and if not fulfilled within stipulated time then it can be a life n death situation for a needy. These needs would fall into a category of a medical emergency where an immediate help is required otherwise patient might even die due to non availability of medical help. Some social and personal needs might also be categorized under Emergency Needs category depending upon the intensity of after effects may arise due to non fulfillment of such needs on urgent basis. Our team would analyze all the needs thoroughly and decide which need could be posted as an Emergency Need. If some needs posted by the users under normal needs category but we feel that urgent action is required on these needs then we could transfer these needs from normal to emergency category or vice-versa.

  • Q. What is a Material Support?

    In this support category, a donor can help a needy by donating some goods or materials like clothes, medicines, toys, shoes, books, stationery etc.  All the material things which are lying useless at your home and you think they can be useful to someone in need; you can post them on to our platform under this category. If no needy is available while posting your requirement for the items that you had posted then we would notify you whenever someone would post his or her need for the same.

  • Q. What is a Skill or Time Support?

    As we mentioned earlier that Help cannot be done through Money only. If you have some wisdom or skill which you think you can share with those who are requiring it the most but cannot afford it then you are very warm welcomed to register that skill of yours on our website along with venue, timing, contact and other relevant details.  

    Example:  If you are a qualified person then you can give tuitions to those who cannot afford it. If you are good at dancing, singing, painting, acting or equipped with some other skill, please share your skills with the others, do your bit to make this society more supportive for each other. By doing this not only you would help others but you would enhance your skills too, above all you would get inner satisfaction which makes you feel more confident and happier than ever before

  • Q. What is a life donation?

    We all knew that life is a precious gift of God to every living being on this earth including humans too. Although life and death is not in control of anybody on this earth but if we became a bit conscious then we can save so many lives by donating blood and vital organs, as and when possible for us. Millions of people around the world die every year just because of unavailability of a compatible blood donor during medical emergencies. Under Life Donation Category any donor can register on our website along with their blood group and contact details so whenever a person needs blood in a medical emergency situation, he or she would contact you and you can easily makes your contribution in saving a human life. Remember no donation can be nobler than saving a life

  • Q. Why contact details of all users (Donor or Needy) kept hidden?

    We are very vigilant about the safety of our users whether a donor or a needy. We have kept all the contact details hidden purposely however you are allowed to see the contact details of any user of our website by simply clicking “Show Contact Detail” button. By clicking this button your profile would be recorded at our end in the list of all those persons who have seen the contact details of any particular user. In this way we will keep all our users accountable for the fair use of contact details of our every user. So don’t worry your contact details are in safe hands.

  • Q.Why money based needs are fulfilled through Why a donor can’t transfer money directly to a needy bank account?

    We would like to inform you all that when we had started to work on the idea of; we exactly wanted that a donor must directly transfer any money to a needy account without our engagement as similar as in case of material needs but when we had discussed this thought with our banking and financial experts then we got to know that it won’t be possible for us due to some of the following reasons:

    1. Government has set up a cash deposit limit for every account in India, if any donor deposits the money beyond this threshold limit in a needy bank account it may end up in a big trouble to the needy.
    2. There might be cases where a needy would get small helps from hundreds of donors; Government may raise any type of queries on such transactions.
    3. PAN is mandatory for all banking transactions above Rs 50000/- . It may be a matter of concern if a needy do not have a PAN card and transaction occurred beyond the authorized limits.
    4. Income Tax department may also raise objections towards needy if deposits are done upto to the income tax liability.
    5. There are possibilities that a needy do not hold any bank account.
    6. If frequency of deposits in a needy account is increased rapidly in small time period then authorized government departments may also hold a needy responsible for his or her involvement in illegal money laundering activities.
    7. If money got directly deposited in a needy bank account then we won’t be able to track how much money he had required against how much he had received? So we could not ask our donors to stop donating upon fulfillment of the required money, which would result into a misuse of the system.

    Keeping all the above points in mind we have been decided to make all the money transactions through our organizational account only.